LEGO BIONICLE Kopaka and Melum - Unity set 71311

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Power up Kopaka Uniter of Ice with Melum Creature of Ice for extra cool powers! By uniting, you will create an invincible Toa and boost your chances of defeating the evil Umarak the Hunter and his minions.

  • Kopaka Uniter of Ice features a BIONICLE? head with mask pop-off trigger, Unity Mask of Ice, armor chest piece with unique rune decorations, elemental armor of ice, unity piece to attach spirit creature and posable joints.
  • Weapons include elemental blade of ice.
  • Accessory elements include Golden Unity Mask of Ice.
  • Also includes Melum Creature of Ice, featuring a mask.
  • Attach Melum Creature of Ice to create powerful armor with one simple click, using the unity piece.
  • Sturdy design for intense action play.
  • Stands over 8” (22cm) tall.
  • Switch with other creatures in the 2016 LEGO? BIONICLE series to create new combinations of battle powers.
  • Go to for building instructions, games, animations and more. Ask your parents’ or guardians’ permission before going online.



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