Laptop computer Blue matte protective shell Laptop Protective Case Cover and keyboard film and Dustproof plug 3 in 1 12 inch for Apple Macbook 12" (Clear)"

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  • High definition and generous (Beautify the new for macbook air) - the Clear Plastic case, Beautify your for macbook
  • Protection products To prevent wear - protects the macbook from scratches, Durable
  • Durable to extend the product life - Designed for easy operation
  • For MACBOOK air frosted is a very good protect your machine from scratch, and shall not affect the notebook cooling case, it is also for your notebook adds another coat, make your laptop more bright dazzling more character



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1, soft texture matte surface, matte texture, feel good!
2, the impact of shock resistance, increase the friction, to avoid the accident caused by hand slip fall!
3, does not affect the notebook cooling, a design reserved the adequate heat sinking holes.
4, set aside all connection port location, port does not affect the use, will not influence the screen to open the largest.
5, you can see the for Macbook hollow design on the apple LOGO, highlighting the grade. The soft rubber pad, can play antihunt
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