Avantree Racer สายรัดเก็บโทรศัพท์ สำหรับออกกำลังกาย (สีดำ)

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Avantree Racer สายรัดเก็บโทรศัพท์ สำหรับออกกำลังกาย (สีดำ)

Marathon running belt for iPhone 6 plus and more, fully adjustable to waists of 26 to 43 inches
Avantree Racer, splash-proof running belts for marathon, triathlons and other sports activities, with 2 clips to attach race number, 6 energy gel loops and 3 reflective bands.

Made of high flexible polyester material, durable and comfortable * Weather resistant zipper adds extra protection against the elements * There are 2 clips to attach the Marathon race number* 3 loops on each side of the belt are designed to put your energy gels * 1 reflective band in the front and 2 movable reflective band in the rear to keep you safe in the evening.

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