Selens T170 62in Professional SLR Camera Aluminum Tripod / Monopod for Cameras and Camcorders (Grey)

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  • smooth surface ,stability
  • 180-degree reverse folding
  • come with a damping tripod ballhead
  • made by magnesium
  • brand new and high quality


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Selens T-170 Tripod & Monopod With Ball Head
Nothing will do as much to improve your photography or film-making as using a good tripod, and whether you want the smallest, lightest camera support to carry with you at all times for your palm-sized digital camera or camcorder, or the tallest, sturdiest piece of studio equipment for a view camera or a full-scale ENG setup, Selens has the answer.

The most popular and most imitated, and yet unrivalled family of pro tripods in the market, the Selens T-170 is the best option for size, weight and stability. The T-170 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications according to the model, and is make by magnalium. The T-170 is designed to offer the best performance not only to the keen amateur and pro users, but also to make available Selens's top quality and precision to advanced hobbyists.
Selling Point of this Tripod
1.made by magnesium : smooth surface ,stability ;
2.180-degree reverse folding: 25% shortter than other tripod when folded;
3.becomes a monopod: one of the lens can be screw out and becomes to a monopod
4.damping head: come with a damping tripod ballhead
Tripod Specification:
Folded height: 320mm / 12.6in
Max.Operating height: 1500mm / 59.06in
Min.height: 370mm / 14.6in
Section(s): 5
Max Tube diameter: 22mm
Net weight: 1200g / 2.65lb
Max.Load Capacity: 6kg / 13.28lb
Color: blue
Ballhead Specification:
Ball Diameter: 40.5mm / 1.60in
Height: 83mm / 3.27in
Max Load: 6kg / 13.28lb
 Quick-Release Plate: Yes
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