3pcs Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor for Arduino UNO MEGA R3 Mega2560 Duemilanove Nano Robot XBee ZigBee

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  • With IO trigger for at least 10us high signal.
  • Static current (max): 2 mA; Electrical level output: 5V high.
  • Detection distance: 2cm-450cm; High precision: 2mm.
  • Automatically sends eight 40kHz and identify whether there is a pulse signal back.


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There are 4 pins out of the module: VCC , Trig, Echo, GND . So it's a very easy interface for controller to use it ranging. The all process is : pull the Trig pin to high level for more than 10us impulse , the module start ranging ; finish ranging , If you find an object in front , Echo pin will be high level , and based on the different distance,it will take the different duration of high level. So we can calculated the distance easily


- With IO trigger for at least 10us high signal.
- Static current (max): 2 mA; Electrical level output: 5V high.
- Detection distance: 2cm-450cm; High precision: 2mm.
- Automatically sends eight 40kHz and identify whether there is a pulse signal back.
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