Travel Luggage Suitcase Protective Cover Bag-For 28-32 inch

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  • Protects luggage from scratches, dirt and grime
  • Zipper closure provide maximum protection to your luggage
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Fashion design and colorful pattern


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This luggage cover is lighter than ordinary cover about 60%.

The nylon material is the key point to protect your luggage , that can closer to your luggage surface.

Besides, this material is washable and easy to wash. Just like the swimsuit, it is more durable.

Wear resistant fabric : The fabric surface through special processing, wear-resisting degree increase of 50%

Super stretch :  The fabric elastic, extremely fit closely box body, perfectly show your loving Luggage

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It must be your loving Suitcase protective Cover . We believe it will give you a suitable and amazing Travel

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