Canon ถาดใส่กระดาษขนาด Card Size Paper Cassette PCC-CP400 for Canon Selphy CP900,CP910,CP1200

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CP400 for Canon Selphy CP900,CP910,CP1200

The PCC-CP40 card sized paper cassette holds 2.1" x 3.4" photo and label paper so that you can print miniature wallet sized photo's to decorate your space and share you fondest memories.Compatibility
-- SELPHY CP910 White Wireless
-- SELPHY CP910 Black Wireless
-- SELPHY CP910 Blue Wireless
-- SELPHY CP900 Black Wireless
-- Ink/Label KC-18IF
-- Ink/Label KC-18IL
-- SELPHY CP1200 Black Wireless Compact Photo Printer
-- SELPHY CP900 White Wireless
-- Color Ink/Label KC-18IS
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