Universal Flexible Long Arm Mobile Phone Clip Desk Bed Car Holder Cradle Stand

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  • Color: Black
  • Net Weight: 480g
  • Flexible Arm length: Max. 700mm
  • Fashionable, Humanized
  • Flexible
  • Universal
  • Best price
  • Phone not included


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Net Weight: 480g
Weight-bearing: <500g
Flexible Arm length: Max. 700mm
Clamp for Phone: <90mm(Wide of the phone)
Clamp for Bed(Table): <70mm(Thick of the bed or table)
Color: Black

100%brand new and high quality.
Ideal for any places: bed, car, bike, desk and so on.
Fashionable and humanized design, make your life more comfortable and wonderful.
Flexible Long Arms Mobile Phone Holder Stand For iphone4 4S 5/Samsung/HTC/..........
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