Fiber Tool Small Bag with Optical Power Fiber Meter and 1mW 3-5KM Plastic Visual Fault Locator with 2.5mm Universal Connector Fiber Optic Cable Tester Checker Test Tool for CATV Telecommunications - Intl

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฿1,499 ดูทั้งหมด
  • Small size, easy to field test. High quality pen type visual fault locator
  • Easy identification of fiber break, bend, you can protect the fiber layer
  • To-end fiber identification
  • Complete mechanical connecting point detection and optimization
  • 2Hz glint or continuous output


ร้านค้า ราคา
1. Telecommunications Engineering and Maintenance
2. CATV engineering and maintenance
3. Cabling System
4. Other fiber-optic project
Wavelength: 650nm ± 20nm
Output Power: >1mW
Dynamic Distance: <5km
Connector: 2.5mm Universal connector
Packaging Size: 175*26*26(mm)
Weight: 150g
Power Supply: AAx2
Operating Temperature: 0 ~+60℃ 
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +70℃ 
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