OH White Infrared Sensor Automatic Light Lamp Holder Motion Detector Switch

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This product adopt the most advanced Infrared sensor and circuit, when pedestrians into the sensing range light will start automatically, when they leave light will delay and shut down automatically.
100% Brand New & Never Used
Infrared Sensor Automatic Lighting Control Switch with lamp holder
This is an infrared technology based automatic sensor switch, which can be widely used in corridor, bathroom, basement, storage, garage, and other places of automatic lighting.
Automatically turn on while detect people come and turn off while people leave
Easy to install or replace existing switch
The light sensitivity and delaying time is automatic adjusted
Good solution for energy saving
Strong anti-jamming capacity, more safe and reliable

Working voltage: AC 85V-265V, 50Hz
Load power: 1 ~ 100W
Delay time: 30s
Sensor angle: <= 110°
Sensor distance: 5 ~ 10m
Static features ≤0.1W
Illumination angle: Adjustable
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Size: approx 85 x 85 x 40mm / 3.34x 3.34 x1.57 inch
Net Weight: 82g

Package Includes:
1 x Automatic Sensor Switch
2 x Screws
1x manual
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