LALANG Silicone Robot Mould Ice Cube Tray (Blue)

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  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Silicone Mold
  • Freeze Mold
  • Cookie Mold
  • DIY Cube Tray
  • Robot Cube Mold


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100% Brand New and High Quality
Color: Dark Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Skyblue
Material: Silicone
One Size: Length*Width*Height 16*11.3*2.5cm (About 1cm errors)
Soft, reusable, safe and healthy food-grade silicone, easy to clean and keep.
The ice cubes come out intact - not chipped or cracked.
A good companion in hot summer, drink with a good mood.
Great for creating kids & big kids cakes.
Flexible silicone ice cube trays are perfect for making ice cubes, chocolates, gelatins, and more.
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