BEST BST-936E AC 220V Thermostatic Soldering Station Anti-static Electric Iron, US Plug(Black) - Intl

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About the product
1. The use of anti-static design to prevent damage to the SMD components
2. Handle using double-sided PCB circuit board design to prevent poor contact, longer life
3. Low voltage power supply, effective protection devices and personnel safety
4. The rapid heating, precise temperature control
1. Industrial production, product assembly
2. Research and product development
3. Electronic Products Inspection
4. School student skills training
Tip-to-ground impedance: <2ohm
Model: BST-936E
Setting Mode: Knob
Output Voltage: AC 24V
Power: 60W
Package Contents: 1 x Solder Station, 1 x Soldering Iron, 1 x User Manual
Plug: US Plug
Voltage: AC 220V+/-10% 50Hz
Tip: B
Tip-to-ground voltage: <5mV
Temperature Stability: +/-1 Degree Celsius
Temperature Range: 200 ~ 480 Degree Celsius
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