Maxnina Nail Art Stamps Priint Design Metal Plate

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  • Nail Art
  • Stamp Print
  • With Stamper Transfer Kit
  • Metal Plate Set


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  • Create your very own unique nail design with these amazing easy to use nail art stamps
  • Can be used by professional or amateur nail artists at home or at work
  • Just apply nail polish, with supplied scraper and stamp
  • Over 70 designs, including Letters, hearts, flowers, butterflies, shoes, bows and many more
  • Comes with both stamper and scraper
  • Directions:
  • Start with polishing your nails with regular nail polish or base coat
  • Brush stamping nail polish on the image you want
  • Remove extra nail polish on the image so that the polish remains only in the mold of the art stamp
  • After a few seconds from step 3 stamp the image on your nails
  • At last, once the print has dried, get top coat on it.
  • Package included:
  • 10pcs metal image plates
  • 1pcs stamper
  • 1pcs scraper
  • Please Note: We cannot guarantee which designs you will receive and you may receive some duplicates.
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