Ultra-light folding basin, wash basin, wash&clean basin, water-tight, Can be resistant to 90℃ hot water, S 8.5L, Blue - Intl

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  • Ultra-light ,folding,50g
  • Can be resistant to 90℃ hot water
  • holding water, reinforcement load handle design
  • Great for outdoor camping mountain climbing explore fishing etc


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  • Ultra-light folding water basin, holding water, storage container, wash&clean basin
  • Can be resistant to 90℃ hot water
  • Reinforcement load handle and water-tight design, 
  • With two tote belts, 
  • Extremely easy and fast to set up and fold down
  • Portable, S  50g 
  • After folds-up just like a hand size
  • Inside- cordura material and outside- Nylon material, double protection water-tight
  • Can be used as a wash bowl while you have a family picnic
  • A storage container while fishing, a footbath basin to relief yourself on a travel or business trip. 
  • Used for collecting water, sand, small fish etc.
  • Suitable for outdoor, camping,mountain climbing, picnic, explore, fishing, etc
  • Colors: blue
  • Product size: S  8.5L(Ø30cm*14cm)
  • Material: inside- cordura, outside- 210Nylon
  • Special Instructions: Filled with water and stand on flat ground that will not fall down
  • Welcome to select and purchase other products, outdoor, leisure, camping, Explore, Hiking, etc
  • Store Included: Tent,  protection tool, guy rope, carabiners, Tent stake/peg, Buckles, hammer, drinking tools, Rescue tools, etc
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