Amplifier Board High Power Amplifier Board

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  • using support monolithic integrated analog
  • ogic and high pressure capabilities
  • reduce crosstalk and improve sound quality


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TDA7498 is 100W 100 W amplifier, using support monolithic integrated analog, logic and high pressure capabilities, reduce crosstalk and improve sound quality. In addition, the BCD6S high power output circuits are integrated complementary NMOS and PMOS transistors, eliminating the old process required bootstrap capacitor and the cathode of the diode load. STMicroelectronics TDA7498 distortion (THD N) is less than 0.01%, to provide higher-quality listening experience.
main filter electrolytic capacitor with famous brand, capacity 2200UF, to ensure strong support for a steady stream of power.
Use high-precision resistor 0805 chip resistors, the main circuit employs a precision of ± 1% metal film resistors rings, ensure the machine a good signal to noise ratio.
PCB using double-sided sheet 1.6mm thick, 2.0 oz copper thickness, HASL whole process to ensure that the size of the current through the good performance. PCB-class quality

-PCBboardsize: 87 x72)mm

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