BEST Shanghai hongxin RH206 steam iron steam jet vertical ironing เตารีดไอน้ำรีดผ้าไอน้ำเจ็ทในแนวตั้ง

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฿399 ดูทั้งหมด
  • Super strong instantaneous steam injection, anti wrinkle
  • Spray fine, ironing effect is better
  • Adjustable steam quantity


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Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand: Red
Model: RH206
Bottom material: coating plate
Thermostat: electronic temperature control
Power: 1100W
Maintenance of electric iron:
The quality of the direct impact on the quality of the iron is directly influenced by the direct contact of the bottom plate of the electric iron. Good iron, the coating should have the characteristics of anti - wear and durable, easy to clean, and beautiful appearance, smooth, good safety performance. Is very important to the bottom plate of the air vent design, excellent air vent design, the number of stomata makes even distribution of temperature and steam, avoid the location of individual floor temperature is too high, damage the fabric.
Steam quantity
In general, the power of the electric iron, its heating fast, the amount of steam is also large. The same power size of the electric iron, steam, heating efficiency is high, the effect is good, the measure of the size of the steam is: g / min.
Temperature and steam volume can be adjusted
Temperature and steam volume adjustable electric iron, easy to operate, easy to use, and not easy to iron bad clothes, such as the re equipped with water spray function and strengthen the steam, to deal with stubborn wrinkles, the effect is better.
Usage and maintenance
1, a water hardness (mineral) is too high, when in use will due to thermal deposition of minerals and plug the fumaroles, effects of ironing effect. Therefore, it is suggested as far as possible the use of distilled water or cooling water, with automatic descaling function and anti calcification device of electric iron, can effectively improve the mineral deposition phenomenon, can prolong the service life of the electric iron.
2, after use, should be placed upright iron, if you no longer use, please pour the water in the water tank, so that the machine is residual water corrosion floor.
3, electric iron in the process of use, such as the leakage of the phenomenon of leakage of the bottom of the steam hole, usually caused by low temperature. So in iron thermostat knob to steam file before using the steam function, and control the temperature regulating knob on the strength of steam icon, the rational use of the volume of the steam electric iron, if used with leak proof water function electric iron, can effectively improve the water leakage phenomenon
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