10pcs 2 Mini Metal Heavy Duty Spring Clamps Crocodile Clip Red Plastic Tips Tool Clips Grip Holder HT395"

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Easy Steamer Anton ชุดบล็อก 6-13 MM. 7 ชิ้นพร้อม Ratchet 1/4 นิ้ว

• 1/4 inch ratchet
• ชุดบล็อก 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 และ 13 มม.
• ถุงบรรจุ


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General purpose pressed steel clamp with heavy duty spring. 

PVC Plastic coated grips and tips for protection and safety! 

Heavy duty with high gripping power. 

Hinged jaws for a better grip on uneven surfaces. 

Ideal for securing market stalls, tarpaulins, covers, craft work, photos, crocodile clip, etc. 


Material: Galvanized steel and PVC 

Overall length: Approx. 2"/60mm 

Weight: 100g 

Package Includes: 

10 x Metal Spring Clamps Clip

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