FIT TOOLS 1/4 Adjustable Torque Limited 0.1~1.2 Nm Hex Screwdriver Kit"

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  • Limited 0.1~1.2 Nm/1.33~10.18 in-lb Hex Screwdriver.
  • 1/4" (6.3mm) hex drive for bit.
  • With 20 screw driver bits + extension magnetic holder.


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Torque limiting screwdrivers feature aluminum scale and tube to reduce weight and enhance durability.
This torque screwdriver has three features when tightening fasteners: smooth, accurate, and consistent effects. When the torque achieves its maximum, the mechanism will automatically slip to prevent over-tightening.
All models have an easy-release bit holder which securely retains bits or sockets during the operation.
Clearly laser scale; each torque screwdriver with laser serial no. which can be traced easily.
Spring-loaded locking collar locks the scale when the torque is setting.
All torque screwdrivers are made of the best materials which can reach the exacting tolerance.
Bit holder:S45C
Hexagon Knob: Anodic treatment
Graduated ring & tube:aluminum
Grip: TPR
Bit holder:electroplating
Hexagon Knob: Anodic treatment (yellow)
Graduated ring & tube:Anodic treatment (black)
Bit holder:HRB 90~94
Hexagon Knob: HRB 25~30


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