Splice Cube Doliform Waterproof Insulated Cooler Lunch Tote Bags 9L(Yellowgreen)

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  • Multipurpose design: It can be used as lunch bag,picnic bag, sundry bag or shopping bag ( have heat preservation,cold, fresh function )
  • Material outside:high-quality fabrics waterproof oxford cloth
  • Material inside:SGS aluminum foil
  • Dimension: Outside:L20cm * W20cm * H20cm,Inside: L19cm * W19cm * H19cm. Capacity: 9L
  • Excellent performance: Keeps food cold (or warm) for to 4~6 hours,depending on the outside temperature.


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Simple and stylish design, a personalized bag with daily warm keeping function. High-grade Eco-friendly aluminum films with SGS certificated, which is safe to direct contact with food, 8mm EPE, to keep in more heat, to keep food fresh wherever you like. Insulation: The temperature around 80 degrees lunch bag insulation placed directly, and tighten the fastener keep it about four hours the temperature dropped 30 degrees.Refrigerated: to put the ice packs which have been frozen in the freezer for 10 hours in the insulation bag, place them on the top of the food, beverages, fruits. To keep cool for 6 hours with zip shut(the external temperature).Ice cream and other foods easy to melt, it is recommended to store 30-60 minutes.These are our test results at room temperature, for reference only.
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